Ryan Geiger is a top wedding and events photographer in New Jersey and New York! He is willing to travel anywhere to photograph your birthday party, bar mitzvah, launch party, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower and much much more!

"An exciting, fresh, unique wedding photographer!"

Ryan Geiger

If you choose Ryan as your wedding photographer, you are not only getting an unique, energetic, reliable, artistic photographer, but you will get someone with a keen attention for detail and a breadth of wedding experience. Ryan loves to shoot rustic weddings, outdoor weddings, summer name it! Ryan is constantly thinking about capturing the next stunning photo. He is full of energy, he uses unexpected angles and light to frame incredibly artistic photos, and his creative brain never stops working.  

Ryan is always pushing himself to evolve and grow as an artist. So many wedding photographers just stick to what they know and never step out of their comfort zone. Ryan is constantly researching new trends and techniques so that he can maintain his elite photography skills and a fresh artistic eye. Ryan loves to get to know his brides and grooms so that he can understand their unique style and deliver them the best possible photos of their wedding day. 


A country boy at heart, Ryan lives right outside of New York City with his lovely wife, Brittany, and their adorably furry cat, Manny. He loves the outdoors, golf, and movies. He feels at peace by the ocean, is organized, and likes to travel. His favorite beer is Magic Hat #9 and his favorite food is Shrimp Scampi. He hates raw carrots and has a sick obsession with Diet Coke! He shoots on Canon products and edits on Mac software.

To learn more about Ryan's other passion, film making, watch his NBC interview below!