PMS: Post Marital Saga - The Pilot

That's a wrap, folks! Our reality TV wedding spectacle that took 5 plus months to plan and merely 5 hours to enjoy is...over? My cell phone has stopped buzzing at all hours of the day with calls, emails, and texts from producers, my mom, best friends, the wedding planner, and vendors all needing my every last opinion and emotion on the wedding. I genuinely miss the wedding (and even the preparation) every single day. I just wrote hundreds of thank you cards describing it as the best day of my life, and that is the Gob’s honest truth. It truly was THE best day of my life. Why? Well, I could go all Facebook on you right now and blubber on and on about how I married the love of my life that day #blessed, how I found my soulmate #theone, and how every last detail of my wedding was beyond perfect #solucky. While all of these things are certainly true, everyone says that same stuff about their wedding, and I refuse to be just another girl on social media who parades her life around to be absolutely totally perfect. I don’t live in a sitcom and no one cares that I am madly in love with my husband #duh.

Ryan telling me it's time to go potty before the reception starts. I know how to pick'em! 

The truth is, the wedding was really the best day of my life, because until I become the President (or maybe have a baby) I will never again be treated like such royalty. That is the sad but harsh reality of the PMS (Post Marital Saga) that I am living in. My bridesmaids, family, TV producers, and practically anyone who came within my 5 foot radius, catered to my every need that day. I didn't even have to think for myself; I had people feeding me, telling me it was time to go to the bathroom, putting my favorite drink in my hand before I even realized that I was thirsty. Anytime I moved, or walked anywhere, including the bathroom, I found someone, anyone, inevitably carrying my dress...sometimes I found complete strangers bopping along behind me happily clutching fistfuls of my dress, all because on that day, I was the Queen. The saddest thing I've had to come to terms with in my PMS is conceding the fact that I'll probably never bask in the warmth of that spotlight ever again.

Dad leading me down the aisle like the Queen that I am :)

The point is, we planned, we said I Do, and we most certainly partied, but then life went right back to normal. We find ourselves asking, what’s next? We aren’t ready to have kids, so what do married couples without kids do? Naturally, like every 20 something living in 2014, I turned to the internet. I discovered there are tons of websites and blogs dedicated to the planning of weddings, having babies, buying new homes, fixing up old homes... but none that talk openly and honestly about the day to day realities of being stuck with someone for the rest of your life #thatsalongtime. This blog is meant to document our PMS and speak the truth about the ups and downs of the first year of marriage. Ryan, my husband, is a rockstar photographer, so much of this will be documented through photos. If you like adventures in cooking, real life adventures, stories about family drama, blurbs about my thoughts/ fears/ insecurities that I now have as a married woman, and ponderings of many random topics relevant to women and married couples...stay-tuned!

As the poignant (read: creepy) R. Kelly once swooned: “After the show is the after party.” Follow us while we try to throw the BEST after party ever... aka LIFE!  #cheesy

***PMS: Post Marital Saga is a sarcastic, silly, and honest blog about marriage written by Brittany Geiger**


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