Crack your knuckles and grab your NES controller....

1990 Nintendo Logo World Championships

It hasn't happened in 25 years! 25 years ago I was...4 years old. So I believe it's safe to say I was not eligible to play in the Nintendo World Championship, nor would have been any good. I don't think I was aware of Nintendo in general - I was young and naive and didn't understand brands. To be totally honest, I was given a Sega Genesis for Christmas when I was probably 6, which was my first system, so really only loved Sonic the Hedgehog until I was given a Nintendo 64 by my amazing Grandma. 

I'm going off topic. 

Nintendo has decided to bring back this world competition at a perfect time... we as a nation are currently obsessed with competitive events. Tough Mudder, online poker, major league gaming events; we love them. This is the perfect time to create a videogame championship and I think this may help rejuvenate the country's love for Nintendo.

Gamers of all skill levels are invited to compete in qualifying events on May 30th for a chance to take part in the Nintendo World Championships. Will I be there you ask? You bet! I have a huge feeling this is going to be huge - but in the off chance everyone's over Nintendo because they killed themselves with the disappointing Wii U, or my age group decide they have better things to do on that day, and this fails miserably.. there may never be another one. This could possible be a one-in-a-lifetime-opportunity. 

This bad boy sold for 100K - collectors are fighting over retro games.

This bad boy sold for 100K - collectors are fighting over retro games.

I have a feeling though, this could be a memorable event. I mean, a championship videogame cartridge from their first event back in 1990 was recently found and sold at auction for over 100 grand!

Nintendo has a massive nostalgic fanbase who collect anything they ever create. I will admit I've slowly become one of them. I'm not a weirdo who wants to collect every Nintendo device and game and keepsake and roll around with them in my bed. I was very stupid as a teenager and sold many of the games I had for Nintendo 64 thinking I'd never play them and they'd just sit in a box in the basement. Well those games in that box?... Yeah, they're skyrocketing in value because of collectors. As I get older, I realize I want my kid to play the games I did, and so I've been trying to scoop them up before they're auctioned off in dusty upperclass events with people in tuxes lifting paddles for games they don't even know anything about. But already games like Banjo Kazooie and Killer Instinct Gold are selling for upwards of 70 dollars and I have a feeling their only going to get more expensive.

But back to this championship thing:

This kid is has been ready for this event since birth.

This kid is has been ready for this event since birth.

The championship is pretty simple. Player compete for the highest score on Championship Mode in the Ultimate NES™ Remix game for the Nintendo 3DS. The top scorer from each of the eight regional competitions will move on for a chance to participate in the final event on June 14th in Los Angeles. There's several locations around the country and one just so happens one of those locations is the Best Buy in Long Island City, NY.  That's very close to me, FOR ONCE! How could I NOT take advantage of this! These stupid events are always in major cities, and for once in my almost 30 years of life, I LIVE in a major city. Feels Pret-ty cool.

I'll drag my wife at 6am to a Best Buy in the wee hours of the morning, and I'll bet I'll still be 900 deep in line circling the building twice and give up and go home (sadly because it's the first 750 players - first come first serve). So I'll have to wake her up at 4am. But man will it be exciting waiting on line for hours, getting a ticket, playing the game - Ultimate NES - hmm... it's 16 classic Nintendo games. I'm probably terrible at all them. I've never even HEARD of Kid Icarus! What is that?

So, I'll waste my entire Saturday just to grab the controller and launch Mario down a pit of fire within 10 seconds and be sent packing. Kid will laugh me out of the Best Buy. My wife will have to buy me ice cream and rub my back. On second thought, maybe I won't go at all. 

Nintendo Of America - NOA

Nahh, I'm going. Good luck, sucka'sssss......

Will you be going? Tell me your favorite Nintendo game below!