The BEST Nantucket Cranberry Pie!

I have received a couple of requests for my cranberry pie recipe, so I thought I would write a quick post. The truth is, it's not really MY recipe at all. My mother in-law made this pie last holiday season and Ryan and I both fell in love with it. I had never had an actual cranberry before I set out to bake this pie, but they are VERY tart. Don't let that deter you from baking this pie! When they get in the oven and burst open they are so so delicious. The last thing I will say that is amazing about this recipe is that it is CRUSTLESS. I have never baked a pie before because I had no idea what the deal was with the crust. Do you pre-bake it? Do you buy it from the store? My mom would always stress over the crust on her cheesecake, so I just assumed it was #complicated. Turns out it's not!

Fresh Cranberries! Photo courtesy of

Fresh Cranberries! Photo courtesy of

Here is my recipe for Nantucket Cranberry Pie!

2 Cups fresh, whole cranberries
2/3 Cup of sugar
1/2  Cup chopped walnuts (I used almonds bc I didn't have walnuts and it was GREAT!)

1  Cup sugar
1 Cup flour (I used whole wheat flour and it turned out delicious!)
1 stick of Butter,  MELTED
1 teaspoon Almond flavoring

1 Tablespoon of Sugar for sprinkle on top for extra sweet crunch!

Spread first 3 ingredients in a 10 inch, greased pie plate (I used a square pie plate, and it was fine!).

Make a batter out over the rest of the ingredients (can mix in mixture or mix by hand)> Spread this batter on top of cranberry mixture in ribbons so it's spread evenly. 

5 minutes before taking out of the oven sprinkle 1 tablespoon with sugar and put back in oven, 

Bake on 350 degrees until top is golden---35-40 minutes.

Cut into wedges and serve with ice cream or whipped cream, or alone! 


Nantucket Cranberry Pie- Photo Courtesy of

Nantucket Cranberry Pie- Photo Courtesy of

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