Taylor Swift and my sick obsession with her...

This is what I think I look like when I drink scotch. Come drink with me to see the truth....

Every once in a while I go through a phase where I become really obsessed with something(s) and I cant let them go. Whether it's a person, an item, or a place, I become deeply invested in whatever it is, and I live and breathe it as a full on lifestyle.

Some of my obsessions are harmless, like that time I taught myself to drink scotch because I thought it was classy and I refused to be basic, before the term basic was even coined. Some of my other obsessions are good for my health and humanity, like the time I was vegan. Others are a downright waste of time and money, like that one time spent 48 hours straight and an embarrassing amount of money trying to prove that I was 1/16th Native American because... I thought I heard my grandmother say that once. Regardless, I never learn my lesson and I always dive in head first to my newest obsession.

Here are the things 5 things I'm infatuated with right now:

1. Taylor Swift- who isn't? Admittedly, this is a pretty basic obsession, but I am equally as obsessed with her music as I am with her as a human being. In another life, I wouldn't mind being the Samantha Ronson to her Lindsay Lohan. I mean, look at her.

On another note, there are two reasons I know that Ryan is my soulmate: 1) He once bought me a 5lb bag of gummy bears from Walmart and told me not to "eat it all in one week," and 2) he is more obsessed with 1989 than I am. #Gamechanger.



2. Finding the PERFECT wedding/engagement ring stack- instead of getting just one wedding band, I got two because I'm addicted to the stack.  A week after we got married I told Ryan I wanted a 4th ring and he laughed in my face, but I knew I could eventually wear him down. And so I did. When we were at the Brooklyn Flea this past weekend  I found a cool, inexpensive, thin, vintage gold band and bought it while Ryan wasn't looking. I have spent an unhealthy amount of time swapping the order of my rings around trying to figure out which combination looks best.

Days after the wedding, option one, and the final stack I decided on. Forgive my dry winter hands. I told you I was obsessed....

In case anyone need Christmas ideas...

3. Van Cleef and Arpels Jewelry- it's gorgeous, outrageously expensive, but stupid CLASSY. Needless to say, I want to bathe in these gems. 



4. Brie- Some people look forward to a glass of wine after a long day at work, but I look forward to a face full of brie. Mainly, because I look like this: 

My life right here

 If you haven't tried brie, look for this delectable cheese at a well stocked grocery store. The best kind comes from specialty cheese shops, however if you are newcomer to, what I like to call, heaven on earth, I would start out with something very mild, like President, and then work your way up to a stronger, smellier, creamier brie. 

5. The Blacklist- this show is, hands down, my biggest regret. I mean that in the "how the heck did I not know this sooner" regret kind of sense. It makes me want to do two things, (1) become an FBI criminal profiler, and (2) become friends with a concierge criminal. I have watched 9 episodes in two days and I have it on in the background of everything I do. The Blacklist is in season 2 on NBC but you can catch my girl Lizzy Keen on Netflix if you want to lose 24 hours of your life. Watch at your own discretion. 

Share your obsessions with me below! xxooBG

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